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Willing to adapt our solutions to the standards of our clients

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We follow an iterative quality assurance process in order to guarantee that the final deliverable is in accordance with the exceptions of the client.

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High availability

We are known for proposing solutions that offer a high degree of operational continuity.


Our working process


Analysis and Design


Quality Assurance

Our services

Business Intelligence

We work to generate value with the information generated by your business, determining trends for better decision making thanks to graphics and friendly reports.

- Business Intelligence
- Speech Analytics
- Text Analytics
- Datamart

Virtual agents

Service that includes the design and development of specialized bots to serve their clients:

-Voice self-service
- Schedule of medical appointments.

Corporate recording

We offer the possibility to capture both the voice of your clients' calls and the screen of their agents.

Contact Center

We help you reach your customers more effectively.

Among our solutions we have campaign management (Outbound), IVR (Inbound) applications, routing logic, chat services and email.


We follow an iterative process in order to ensure that the final deliverable is as expected. We design, develop and implement customized applications to the needs of your business.

- Web services.
- Middleware.
- Microservices.

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Contact Center


Telephony Support L1 & L2


Speech Analytics


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